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SRT RC have announced the signing of Vanessa Wende. 

SRT RC have announced the signing of the German lovely sunny girl, Vanessa Wende to their factory team. As an off-road driver with great talent, Vanessa has already got some good results in the German National and Euros.

On the way of the young drivers becoming more and more stronger, SRT RC are always willing to offer the technical support.

Now Vanessa is using SRT servos BH927R and BH922R on her cars. Both the two servos are with CNC case for fast cooling, steel gears for stronger abrasion resistance & corrosion resistance, updated circuit engineering for higher precision.

Vanessa said, "I am really happy with the servos! Everything works fine."

ETS 2017/2018 is a harvest season for the SRT team. 

Simon Lauter won the TQ and first in the round 6 of Formula, better than the round 5 in which he got the second. A little pity that Simon did not take part in all rounds of the competition. But he said next time will do it with full preparation. We believe he will get on the podium of  the overall season at that time.

Jitse Miedema performed very well and finally won the sixth in A-main of the whole season. Congratulations to him! Looking  forward the more practice will bring him the better results.

SRT team use HV brushless low profile BH8015 in the Formula series competition. On the way to the champions, SRT servos will always provide the best technical support.

SRT Lucas Grainer doubles 1st at Slovakian 1/10 Buggy Nats Round 2 

Slovakian 1/10 Off-road Nationals Rd2 was held at RC-Comorra race track in Kamorno last weekend.SRT Lucas Grainer won doubles 1st in Buggy 2WD&4WD and took TQ in 2WD.Congratulations!Younger Lucias always make great achievement,he will keep going to the rest of Austrian Nationals ,let's looking  forward to better achievement at next racing .He is using SRT HV Brushless servo BH9022.

SRT Jean-Pierrick Sartel had make a so great performance by winning the TQ & 

In the 4th round of  French Championship 1/10 Electric  Tout Terrain last weekend, SRT Jean-Pierrick Sartel had make a so great performance by winning the TQ & 1st in both 2WD and 4WD . Congratulations!

“SRT servos have a very good feeling throughout the weekend. I use the BH8015 in 2WD and the BH9022 in 4WD.” Jean said. Now we can not wait to see him in the coming soon European Championship.

After TQ & win 1st in the 4th round of French Championship 1/10 Nitro 

After TQ & win 1st in the 4th round of French Championship 1/10 Nitro last weekend, SRT Leo Arnold already took the French Title one race before the end. Congratulation! Now he start the preparation for the European and World Championship. Looking forward for his amazing performance. “On this super technical track, the feeling with the steering was the key. I felt on this track that the SRT servos are the best for that.” Leo said. He is using SRT BH8015 HV brushless low profile servo.

SRT launch the new products BH927R and BH922R. 

SRT launch the new products BH927R and BH922R. As SRT Star Servos for 1/8 off road, both BH927R and BH922R are designed with steel & titanium gears, HV brushless motor and all-metal case.
Compared with SRT hot sale servos BH9027 and BH9022, the stronger abrasion resistance & corrosion resistance benefit from the steel & titanium gears are the bright spots of the new BH927R and BH922R. They will become the most perfect combination for the 1/8 off road.

SRT driver KI HEUNG KIM finished third in Formula 1 class. 

SPORTSSEOUL RC Car Championship was held in last weekend,  Gimpo, Gyeonggi, Korea. About 100 players from all over the  world took pat in it. SRT driver KI HEUNG KIM finished third in Formula 1 class. Congratulations! Kim used SRT CH7015 low  profile HV coreless servo in the competition. He said, its super fast speed and stable performance is really amazing.

SRT RC have announced the signing of Canada on-road car driver,Adam Hutchison to 

Adam Hutchison won the Champion and took TQ in 2018 Roar Asphalt National Formula one .He also had better achievement in USVTA Summer Slam,Southern Nationals,Canadian Nationals,etc.SRT team believes Adam will achieve better in future ,he is using SRT HV Brushless low profile servo BH8015 and has the following to say about the racing:
Roar 2018 Asphalt Nationals was held April 26-29th in Ft Meyers Florida. My team associated F6 car with Srt Racing BH8015 servo was extremely fast all week.
I was able to take TQ after qual points qualifying.I won the first two A mains giving me the overall championship, and national title.
Thank you to Srt Racing servos for their continued support and awesome product!


SRT launch the new product CH6012.  

Born for drift cars, CH6012 is designed with low profile , semi-metal case and HV coreless motor. 
6.0V, 0.07sec/60 degrees, 9kg. 7.4V, 0.06sec/60 degrees, 12kg. Not only the super fast speed but also the durability and stability benefit from the semi-metal case are amazing. Compared with SRT whole metal series servos, the price of CH6012 is more popular. More fans of drift cars will have fun.

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