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SRT Leo Arnold sweeped the first, TQ and lap record. 

Round 4 of the French 1/10th 200mm Nationals was held at the Model Club Thionvillois last weekend. SRT Leo Arnold sweeped the first, TQ and lap record. Congratulations!
Leo used SRT BH8015 HV brushless servo in the race. He said the car was very precise thanks to the SRT servos.

SRT team driver Ilya Plakhotnik won the 1st in WNC 2019 

WNC 2019(cup of white nights 2019) was held in St. Petersburg Russai last weekend, SRT team driver Ilya Plakhotnik won the Nirto buggy trophy after intense competition,congratulations!He was using SRT brushless BH9027&BH9032 which is the nice combination and high performance .SRT always supplies high performance ,high technology products.

Double class Champion in 2018/2019 ETS Rd4 

ETS Rd4 is in the book ,and it is successful for SRT Team again.Simon Lauter won the double 1st in Pro Stock and Formula ,and qualified TQ in Pro Stock ,in the Infinity Masters class,Alexander Stocker wrapped up his fourth win of the season and won the Champion in 17.5 Stock,in Formula,Andreas Stiebler placed 8th, Jiste Miedema placed the 9th.Congratulations!
Simon Lauter: Pro Stock A-main 1st&TQ
Simon Lauter: Formula A-main 1st
Andreas Stiebler:Formula A-main 8th
Jiste Miedema: Formula A-main 9th
Stocker Alexander:Infinity 40+ Masters 1st

SRT is proud of the  team drivers who had super performance at racing ,always supplies high performance ,high precision,high technology products for drivers.


SRT team in 2018/2019 ETS Rd3,Spain 

Congratulate to SRT team gained the big harvest in 2018/2019 ETS Rd3,2 drivers won the 1st A-main in Formula and Stock ,super performance .


Simon Lauter:Pro Stock A-main 1st&TQ

Jiste Miedema:Formula A-main 1st

Simon Lauter:Formula A-main 7th

Stocker Alexander:Infinity 40+ Masters class 1st

Stocker Alexander:Formula 40+ class 3rd


SRT HV brushless servo BH8015 ,super fast speed and high precision ,took the super achievement again for drivers whose longtime dream came true ,stand in top podium again ,really excellent servo !

Danny K won the Double TQ in Malaysia on/off-road nationals Rd1 2019 

Malaysia on/off-road nationals Rd1 2019 was held in March ,it is the harvest stage for SRT as well as for team driver Danny K who is the fast youth driver ,won the Double TQ both in 1/8 off-raod and 1/10 Touring car ,and won the 1st final in 1/10 Toruing car,even under the bad sitaution ,slip track and heavy rain,congratulation!This talent young driver like "rasing star" taking better prformance and more challenging at racing .Also congratulate to Abd Muhaimin Omar ,SofianHusin,Faris Faisal,Faris Amir had good performance at the nationals ,they all using SRT brushless servo BH927R for 1/8 off-raod ,BH8015 for 1/10 Touring car ,Look forward to later racing for more better performance .

SRT Yan Cheung still showed great performance and won the TQ & A1. 

Asian Nitro Championship (ANC) 1st round was done in HK last weekend. Even though the bad weather had some influence to the race, SRT Yan Cheung still showed great performance and won the TQ & A1.
Yan Cheung is using SRT HV brushless servo BH922R. He said, they are very good handling and have exceptionally good precision in and out every corner.

SRT RC has announced that Hong Kong Drivers Yan Cheung has officially signed to  

SRT RC has announced that Hong Kong Drivers Yan Cheung has officially signed to join the SRT team. Yan Cheung mainly play with 1/8 nitro and 1/10 electric touring. He achieved great results in 1/10 electric touring of Xiamen station, 2015 and was the National Champion in Guangzhou station, 2018.
SRT is always willing to provide the technical support to the drivers and help them become stronger and stronger. Yan Cheung will use the SRT HV brushless servos  BH922R and BH8015 to participate in the Thai TITC in the coming future. Look forward to his excellent performance in the race.


SRT Swiss driver Fabian Luca Widmer won TQ&2nd place in Swiss Championship 2 

Swiss Championship 2019 Rd1 was held last weekend in  in Pfäffikon ZH at the beautiful Scamora GmbH Rc Arena.Congratulate to SRT Swiss driver Fabian Luca Widmer took the TQ and 2nd in 2WD buggy finally after hard driving and intense competition with his high skill.SRT happy that he took the nice performance in the beginning of new year 2019,look forward to better achievement in the rest 4 rounds.He is using SRT brushless servo BH9022 for challenging nationals ,Europeans racing .

Adam Johnson took double 2nd place in 1/8 Nitro buggy &Ebuggy 

The 32nd annual Trinity/CRCRC Winter Midwest Championship which is one of longest running races in rc history was held last past 2 weekends on Ohio,the 1/8 Nitro buggy &Ebuggy was held last weekend ,SRT American driver Adam Johnson took the Double 2nd place at finally after competitived with the strong entries ,he was using SRT brushless racing servo BH927R suppest fast speed ,took him more better experience at racing ,he said:SRT servo is the fast and reliable and all around good servos.Let's look forward to his better performance at next racing .

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