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Congratulations to SRT Jean-Pierrick Sartel became the European Champion.

The 1/8th Electric Off Road European Championships was held in in Noeux les Mains last weekend. Despite all the big names of Nitro 1/8th being in attendance, Jean-Pierrick Sartel took the TQ in qualifying with 5 rounds and 3 to count. And it was the super stable performance helped him won the final title at the track with every possibly surface, brick, dirt, two types of Concrete etc, included.
It was an amazing moment for Jean-Pierrick Sarte who took one and a half year to prepare for the championship and all the SRT team are so glad that his dream had came true.
Jean-Pierrick Sarte used SRT BH9027, the 1/8 off road HV brushless servo in the race. On the way to the Champion, SRT will always provide the strongest technical support for their team members.

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