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Danny K won the Double TQ in Malaysia on/off-road nationals Rd1 2019
Malaysia on/off-road nationals Rd1 2019 was held in March ,it is the harvest stage for SRT as well as for team driver Danny K who is the fast youth driver ,won the Double TQ both in 1/8 off-raod and 1/10 Touring car ,and won the 1st final in 1/10 Toruing car,even under the bad sitaution ,slip track and heavy rain,congratulation!This talent young driver like "rasing star" taking better prformance and more challenging at racing .Also congratulate to Abd Muhaimin Omar ,SofianHusin,Faris Faisal,Faris Amir had good performance at the nationals ,they all using SRT brushless servo BH927R for 1/8 off-raod ,BH8015 for 1/10 Touring car ,Look forward to later racing for more better performance .

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