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SRT launches new T1 high-torque high-voltage brushless programming servos -- T65 

SRT announces the launch of the new T1 high-torque series products, namely T65 and T75,  which can provide more than 55 - 70.0 kg-cm of torque and 0.12 - 0.065sec response speed. They are ideal for 1/8 nitro off-road, 1/5 scale car, truggy and crawler.

It is set as the ultimate small virtual position of the racing level, it uses a high-power brushless motor as the core power , has amazing torque output and American imported ST32-bit MCU control chip,which are matched with excellent performance. 

The program supports a variety of high-frequency modes, such as SR SFR SXR SUR SSR, etc. The product enjoys a 1-year warranty of SRT.

The servos can use SRT program box SP-MX082 to adjust the parameters, so as to precise control your favorite parameter according to different tracks.  The products include anodized oxidized heat dissipation metal case, Japanese imported potentiometer, 

303+416 imported high-strength steel gear, upgraded gear shaft 2.0, double bearings, 300mm tail wire and 25T output gear.

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* Full CNC metal case 

* 303+416 imported steel gear

* Upgraded gear shaft 2.0  

* Japanese potentiometer

* American ST32-bit MCU chip

* High voltage brushless motor,compatible with 6.0-8.4V

* Support multiple high-frequency modes, such as SR SFR SXR SUR SSR

* Programmable series, servo parameters can be set through offline program box

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SRT launches new product !- The servo program box SP-MX082 

Product Functions:

1. Servo parameters setting

2. Connect the computer to set the servo

3. Servo testing

● Program box SP-MX082 has built-in high-performance 32-bit microprocessing, small size, simple and convenient operation.

● Connect the servo through the program box for parameter setting, so that the servo can adapt to different track conditions.

● Program box can store 20 sets different servo parameters.

● The program box has the function of central point adjustment, which makes the left and right angles of the chassis more consistent.

● Servo Testing: servo board band and narrow band PWM testing function.

● DEFAULT: one-key restore factory parameter function.

● Apply to a variety of SRT servos with programming marks, such as:

BH815S, BH922S, BH927S, CH712S, D1S, T65, T75


SRT New Arrival! SRT Launch the New Drift Servo D1S! 

With CNC machining all-metal case, D1S has smart Drift laser mark. Its reversed tail line, steel gears and precise gear clearance are designed for the Yokomo YD-2 frame and other 1/10 drift cars. Voltage from 6.0-8.4V, torque can be put up to 18.5KG with speed 0.08S, under 8.4V. The weight of the servo just 58g. What’s more, D1S support SSR mode and its parameters can be reset with SRT PROGBOX programming card, which brings more controllability and fun to players.

SRT launches the new product HV Waterproof Servo CH6030. 

With excellent waterproof function, CH6030 can be applied to 1/10 & 1/8 crawlers and boat models. Its high- performance coreless motor drives 30 kg torque at 7.4v high operating voltage. Moreover, the new CH6030 uses titanium&steel gears, which ensures the durability and prolongs service life. 

SRT New Arrival in Christmas Month! 

SRT brings the newest All-Metal Case Waterproof High Voltage Large Torque Servos W35 & W45, specific for 1/8, 1/10 crawlers.
#High technological all-metal case with waterproof o-ring inside, and outgoing wire designed with special integrally glue injection cables make it have perfect waterproof performance.
#Use hardened steel gears to reduce the phenomenon of gear chipping during violent driving, which improve the gears lifespan.
#Benefit from the 32 bit MCU high-frequency processor, precise operation, noiseless operation, locked-rotor protection, and power-on slow starting protection, all of which have been achieved.

SRT has strong launch of the newest product BH815S, HV brushless low profile ser 

For 1/10 on road, no doubt that it has super fast speed 0.05S,15kg at the voltage of 8.4V. With advanced technology of chip and updated system, the newest BH815S get back to the middle more precisely and its locking force is more stronger. To meet SRT fansrequests, mode SSR is supported now. Whats more, its perfect golden high level CNC case is so cool and special. How could we help loving it?

new R1 series BH815S servo machine 

Dear customer,
We are pleased to announce that the brand new R1 series BH815S servo machine, which has received great attention from the market, is coming to market soon.
New BH815S first batch limited supply!If you want to buy as soon as possible!
Please feel free to contact our sales staff.

Thank you.

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